Royal Enfield Thailand is a bad joke

On the 20th of March 2023 I bought a new Royal Enfield Meteor 350 with some add ons like crash bars, fog lights, windshield etc in Khon Kaen at Royal Enfield by Yufar Enterprise.
This Meteor is the second Royal Enfield I bought in Thailand.
In 2022 we purchased a brand new Royal Enfield Himalayan in Ubon Ratchathani at the Royal Enfield dealer.
When it comes to the registration, this dealer tried to charge money for a “special” number plate.
“Special” number plates for motorbikes are for free in Thailand – different to cars. Anyways they tried to charge money and just with spending a lot of time and energy we got the free registration what they promised and agreed with us.

As this is not a trustworthy way to take care the customer, we looked for another dealer and found Royal Enfield by Yufar Enterprise in Khon Kaen.
243 km one way to go there but the owner speaks English very well and the mechanics are first class.

As everything worked fine, we purchased a Royal Enfield Meteor 350 for my wife at Yufar Enterprise, Khon Kaen on the 20 th of March 2023.
And now the problems started again. And again about the registration. This time not about a “special” numberplate but about the papers for the motorbike.

Yufar Enterprise gets the motorbikes from the “main” dealer, Royal Enfield Udon Thani.
Since 20th of March until today (29 th Sptember 2023) Royal Enfield Udon Thani is not able to send the papers for register the motorbike.

In Thailand, by law you need to register a new motorbike within 60 days. Now itˋs 6 month already since we purchased the motorbike and it is still not registered.
This means, by law you are not allowed to use the motorbike on public roads anymore.

And this means that Royal Enfield Udon Thani NOT care the Royal Enfield customers and they not care the laws in Thailand.

The funny thing in this story is, that Yufar Enterprise, what is a trustworthy dealer with a great garage lost the Royal Enfield dealership due to they not have a fancy showroom with parking outside. They are located in the city of Khon Kaen, but who cares if the service is great??!!!

Royal Enfield Thailand keep the Royal Enfield dealer in Ubon Ratchathani who is cheating customers and Royal Enfield Udon Thani who is not acting accordingThai laws. Just because they have fancy showrooms with a parking lot?!

Royal Enfield Thailand, what is wrong with you guyˋs?? Seems like you are far away from customer needs and seems like you have no idea how to select your partners??!!

Royal Enfield Thailand, if you still not understand, your customers need a smooth business, a great service and NOT need to get more and more problems in life when spending money on a Royal Enfield.

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  1. Sangjaa

    I agree, for all business the most important thing to do is good take care the customer

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