Sisaket (TH) to Singapore – Ep 1

Triumph Tiger 1200 Rally Explorer

TH – Sisaket to Nakhon Ratchasima

To avoid Bangkok and all the industrial areas like Ayuttaya, Lopburi, Saraburi, Supanburi etc. we decided to go wide to Kanchanaburi.

The trip started at 7.30am with 24 °C in the morning and straight on the main Highway 226 direction Nakhon Ratchasima.

Riding on main highways is just boring and nothing special on our way.

We made it to Non Sung what was less far that expected but ok, for the first day there is no need to rush. Especially as it got hot with 34 °C.

In Non Sung we found a great resort to stay. Clean, roof covered parking for 500 THB.

After a so so night (the AC was really loud and early traffic on the nearby road) we got up early and continued our trip at 6.30 am. Cool weather, 22 °C in the morning.

Another day on main highways – we focused on make some milage.
Beside Hwy 2256 in Ban Don Yai we visited a nice white temple (Wat Ban Don Yai) and had a great chat with the founder of the temple.

Once we got out of Isaan, the temperature increased immediately, up to 38,5 °C and a lot of traffic on roads not build for that amount of cars and trucks.

Cooling down in Lotus’s, U Tong was really appriciated with yummy food at the food court and a big ice cream. We needed that to manage the last 70 km to Kanchanaburi.

Somewhere on the road we lost the cover for the motorbike. To get a new one, the first visit in Kanchanaburi was Honda Big Wing.
We purchased a cover for the Honda Gold Wing. The largest one sold by Honda and it fits perfect for the Tiger including the panniers and the top case.

As it was very very hot, no sightseeing at all. Just go to the resort (P House which is nice and clean for 700 THB incl. breakfast), turn on the AC, take a nap and relax.

This 2 days trip from Sisaket to Kanchanaburi showed us one thing. We should really find a way more faster option how we can manage the distance in one day.

Calimoto day 1
Calimoto day 2

Ride safe guy’s and enjoy yourself!


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    It was hard 2 days but anyway good to explore and learn it

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