Sisaket (TH) to Singapore – Ep 3

Triumph Tiger 1200 Rally Explorer Vajiralongkorn Dam

TH – Kanchanaburi

After two nights in I-Tong it was enough with too many people – time to leave and continue the trip.
Funny thing, from Sisaket to Singapore you should go South. In the first 5 days of the trip we only went West.

Got up early and started the trip at 6 am. Still dark but the Tiger headlamp and the additional spotlights made the road visible.

What is better than 398 curves? Exactly, 399 curves!! Great fun in the morning and can say it was really fresh.

Stopped at a view point along the road for see the sunrise. But unfortunately too cloudy. Nice view anyways and very quiet as no people yet.

Coffee break for get some real coffee and not the instant 3 in 1 stuff what we carry with us at the Vajiralongkorn Dam with a view. Surprisingly a coffee shop opened already in the early morning.

After the caffeine kick – what was really appreciated as we got up early, our next stop was up to the Noen Sawan view point. From the main road around 16 km twisty up the mountains.
The view was not such great there, so the stay was rather short.

Back down the hill we continued on the Hwy 323 direction Sangkhla Buri. That Highway is sometimes like a small road elsewhere and always a pleasure to ride as of the views and twists.

Turning right on a small road and continue this road you will arrive at the Thung Lek Relax Resort.
I stayed there already in November 2022 on my way up to the North of Thailand. Here is the related post. (North of Thailand day 3).
Lek, the owner is a motorbike enthusiast – formally a road racer. Always a pleasure to meet this friendly guy and have a chat with him.

This time he really surprised us with a relaxed trip around his area in an original 1941 Willys Jeep.

Together with his sister, Lek grow coffee. Taste very delicious and presented very well.

What a great afternoon and what a great experience with the Jeep. This car can really go everywhere in Thailand.

At Thung Lek the atmosphere is really relaxed and quiet so we decided to stay one more night. Lazy us…he he.

This day was not a far ride, just 170 km. Do you need to go far and fast for having fun? Nope, sometimes the short and relaxed trips are the better ones.

Find the trip details in the Calimoto link.

Have a safe ride and enjoy yourself!!

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