Sisaket (TH) to Singapore – Ep 7

Triumph Tiger 1200 Rally Explorer, ranong, Thailand

Ban Krut to Gong Valley (Kra Buri, Ranong)

After a quick coffee, we started our trip along the beach at 06.30am. Unfortunately it was cloudy, so we could not enjoy a real sunrise.
Anyways, the ride along the coast was a great one.
First stop was the “Grand Sand Dune”. In 2021 we needed to walk up there in the sand.

Now there are wood stairs what makes it way more comfortable. But, the stairs and a new build pavilion kill the view. And all of the adventure when walking up there and need to remove the sand after the trip.

Following the Royal Coast Road is always a great ride. As it is a scenic road along the coast.
This time it was combined with some adventure and dust as there is a several kilometers long road construction.

The Royal Coast Road, Chumphon, Thailand

In 2021 the Khao Dinsor Viewpoint was closed due to the pandemic. So let’s go and visit it this time. Great view up there along the Gulf of Thailand coast.

Shortly after the viewpoint we turned right on Hwy 3180, passed by Tha Sae and rode straight into farms with thousands of palm trees for palm oil production.
And then the fun started. Mostly we travelled on unsealed roads, left and right the palm trees. Lots of shadow and very relaxed.

When you have a look on the map, this area is full of farms. Most of the roads are unpaved.
I believe, you can have at least a half day full of fun by riding around there.

Out of the farm area we decided to ride a loop along the Myanmar border. Hwy 1006 up North, then turn left somewhere onto a small road into the mountains. This was a pleasure to go, especially the part turned into off-road again. Just 3 km but better than nothing.
When you pass by the border police camp, then you are on the right track.

The loop itself I can recommend if you not mind the off-road part.

Out of the mountains it was very very hot, so we stopped at the Kra Isthmus Marker.
The Kra Isthmus in Thailand is the narrowest part of the Malay Peninsula. The western part of the isthmus belongs to Ranong Province and the eastern part to Chumphon Province, both in Southern Thailand. The Isthmus is bordered to the west by the Andaman Sea and to the east by the Gulf of Thailand.

As we both felt hot and tired, we decided not to go far and visit the Gong Valley.
We stayed in the Gong Valley Resort.
There they have a delicious restaurant, delicious self made coffee and the fridge equipped with beverages incl. beer.

So many good reasons to choose this place for a stay. And 800 THB per night including breakfast is more than ok.

Find the details of the trip in the link here.

Ride safe guy’s and enjoy yourself!


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