Sisaket (TH) to Singapore – Ep 8

Old steam train, Khao Fa Chi, Ranong, Thailand

Ranong – Chumphon – Ranong, a twisty loop

Staying in the northern part of the Ranong province is definitely worth it if you like riding in the mountains on twisty roads.
We both like that, so we stayed one more night in the Gong Valley Resort.

Enjoyed a delicious breakfast and a great coffee and started a round trip at 9 am.

The viewpoint of Khao Fa Chi was our first stop and it is absolutely worth to go up there.
In the resort the staff told us that when you arrive at 6 am there, you can see the sea of fog.
6 am was way too early for us. Nevertheless, the view to Myanmar and the Maenam Kraburi is great.
For me that looks a bit like the baby version of Norwegian fjords.

In Khao Fa Chi there is not much to visit. The viewpoint and and old steamed train as a relict of WW 2.

According to the signs close to the train, there should be a WW 2 museum.
A building is there, but it seems that WW 2 has been removed as the building is empty and abandons slowly.

On Hwy 4091 and 4139 you ride on great roads with lots of twists and a great scenery.

Crossed to Chumphon again and turned left at the junction with the 7/11 on Hwy 5011 direction west (Ranong) into the mountains again.

When you arrive at the border Chumphon / Ranong, you find a military checkpoint.
Prepare yourself to get stopped and answer some questions about where you go, where are you from and why you want to pass through.
If they not like your answers, you might get sent back.

I have no idea why they are there and why they are way more strange than in many country borders. Maybe a drug problem? Just guessing!!!

The ride down to Fa Chi is great and worth to go vice versa.

One more thing to explore:
At the end of the Gong Valley is the Bok Krai waterfall. According to the reviews it should be a nice one.
But, they charge 400 THB + parking for the motorbike as an entrance fee for foreigners. Sorry guy’s but you are just dumb. 400 THB for a waterfall is way too much.

All in all a great half day trip. 174 km on twisty roads. Even the main Hwy 4 is a pleasure to ride in this area.
Time for a late lunch and a cold beer…

Find the details of the trip in the link here.

Ride safe guy’s and enjoy yourself!!!


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  1. Sangjaa

    In general was great one but one of the checkpoints in the mountain border of Chumphon and Ranong always annoyed people with stupid questions…so boring . I can say about this checkpoint because I had experienced with them already and more hardcore because they rejected us and not allowed to go so we need to go haft of the way back in pandemic times.

    1. Dusty Socks

      No once, at least us, not understand what is the exact reason why there is a checkpoint. Anyways, if you know about it you can prepare yourself. Nevertheless, it’s just annoying. Like you want to enter another country but without showing your passport.

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