Sisaket (TH) to Singapore – Ep 16

Border crossing to Malaysia and first ride in Malaysia

One day “off” in Su – ngai Kolok to prepare the crossings to Malaysia and Singapore.

Searched for a copy shop in the morning and found AYU INSURAN.
This is pretty much like an agent with full service. Get you number plate stickers, all copies and the insurance incl. the “International Circulation Permit” (ICP) for Malaysia here.

Good service, fast and professional.

We got a 3 month insurance for Malaysia as we plan to cross to Singapore and then it might be over the 1 month insurance what they usually sell and what is more cheap.

The 3 month insurance including the ICP was 2.780 Baht.
Stickers and copies 200 Baht.

For Singapore we prepared the LTA Autopass Card which you can only apply online at least 14 days before enter to Singapore with your own vehicle.

The border crossing to Malaysia was over all easy. Took us 1 hour, mostly because of the queue. .

See the photo above, it seems like you can make the process more fast when register online upfront. What we didn’t know and didn’t do. It worked anyways.

Temporary export of the motorbike out of Thailand no problem as well. Needed to fill out a form and that’s it. People at the border very friendly and helpful.
Now the motorbike can stay out of Thailand for 30 days. If longer we need to pay a fine of 1.000 Baht. This fine is for Thailand registered bikes.

The entry to Malaysia was easy. Just stamp the passport and that’s it.

Once we arrived in Malaysia, we tried to get a SIM card. Successful at the 7/11 in Rantau Panjang. As is is Saturday, it was not easy to exchange money in Malaysia. In the end a Thai guy told us where to go.

The process, buy a SIM card, register it, exchange money, top up the SIM card and book the internet took us another 1,5 hrs.

I recommend do all this is Thailand already, then more relaxed.

Finally we started the trip at 10.30 am direction west along the Thailand border.

The ride on small roads was ok. Roads were not great. Riding on the Hwy 4 was great. Can say the roads are slightly better than in Thailand from the first point of view.

Awesome scenery in the mountains and Kampong Kuala Benderok lake. But, different to Thailand, no parking along the road and no real viewpoints.

So, Sang enjoyed the view and I enjoyed the twisty roads.

Different country, different style of Lemon tea…

…and different style of KFC. (The food taste the same – thanks to worldwide CI)

We arrived in Gerik, approx 45 km from the Kampong Kuala Benderok lake. It was hot, around 36 degrees C so we decided to stop for today.
Gerik itself is not nice, at least we found nothing nice here.

Found a home stay for 1.700 THB. It is a house with private parking called “Homestay Gerik Le Rizq”. One night here and tomorrow we will continue the trip.

Find the details to the trip in the Calimoto link.

Stay tuned guy’s and enjoy yourself!!


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    We were learned many things new today, this is life if you move out of your comfort zone then you explore a lot of new things.

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