South of Thailand – Narathiwat 2.0

Old central mosque, Al-Jum’iyah Mosque, Narathiwat, Thailand

Relaxing time in Narathiwat, Thailand

The ride from Sukhirin to Narathiwat (the city) was just 78 km.
Around Sukhirin, the roads are nice and windy.

On our way to Narathiwat in Su-ngai Padi we met Ree, her husband and daughters. Ree is a friend of Sang. Great time for me to learn about teachers life in Thailand as we met in her school. I have to say, it’s a very relaxed life!

In Narathiwat we stayed in the TPL Resort, brand new and roof covered safe parking in front of the room.

Dinner in the evening with Kor, another friend of Sang in a restaurant at the beach.
Ok, so far nothing special.
But, the restaurant is located in the Chulabhorn Camp, home of the 3 rd Infantry Batalion. This was new for me that you can just drive in an army camp for diner. In Europe not possible!!

When you want to explore the city Narathiwat, then you will face one thing. There are no public transports here. Meaning, no bus, no taxi, no Grab or Uber car.

So you ride or drive either by yourself or you walk. As it was early in the morning, we decided to exercise and walk. The distances are not far. So ok for us.

When you visit Narathiwat and you are tired or hot from walking around, the Narathiwat City Museum is worth a visit.
Entrance is for free.
You will learn a lot about the history, the different ethnics and their lifestyle and traditions. The descriptions are mostly in English as well.

Lunch we had with another friend of Sang. The afternoon we cooled down in the resort.

Some people say that Narathiwat is not safe due to shootings and bombing.

You see a lot of police, checkpoints and security on the road. For me, for us here is very relaxed. We both not have the feeling that it is unsafe to travel here.

Stay tuned and enjoy yourself!!!

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