South of Thailand – Narathiwat

The Southern Most of Thailand Betong Yala Thailand

Betong to Sukhirin, Narathiwat

Even that we started early, we not made it in one day to Narathiwat. 75 km from Narathiwat (the city) we stayed in Sukhirin. A small city with only one resort.

The reason why we not made it is simple – we not go the direct route, instead we started first along the Malaysian border to Landmark 54 A in the Sankalakiri mountains. This is the copy of an old Thailand / Malaysia border mark, placed on a little hill.
The ride to there is awesome. No traffic, good and windy roads with beautiful views.

Along the border to Malaysia they built a wall – I guess to stop smuggle. Just guessing! This wall has doors…Does the door open or is it locked??

After this great ride along the Malaysian border we checked in at the Southern Most of Thailand which is located in the border controls at the Betong borders. Just tell the officials there that you want to take a photo, they let you in without problem.

People say, if you not visit the flower farms and the Piyamit Tunnel in the Tana Maero sub district, then you not arrived in Betong. The road up and down there into the mountains is great. Once you arrive there you find a very very touristy spot. It’s all about marketing!!!

We had a coffee, took a photo and left the crowd.

Next time, I would ride this loop the other way round – more steep and more nice curves.

Out of the mountains back on Hwy 410 it got hot. Really hot. Anyways we made our way on smaller roads what is – for us – way more relaxed and nice than riding on main highways.

All in all a great riding day. For me Betong is always worth a visit even that the city is full of Malaysians.

Find the details of the trip in the Calimoto link.

Stay tuned and enjoy yourself!!

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