Sisaket (TH) to Singapore – Ep 10

On the ferry to Kho Lanta, Krabi, Thailand

Thailand – Khura Buri to Kho Lanta

Sang got better today, so we started early after a so so sleep.
To say it clear, we both felt not fresh in the morning.
The first time on this trip we had rain. Not just a few drops, heavy rain for a couple of hours. Lucky us that we arrived in the resort already!

Today the Hwy 4 showed us the dark side. Lots of road construction – not fun at all.
In Bang Nani Si we left the Hwy 4 behind us direction Talat Yai, Phang Nga.

Talat Yai, Phang Nga is an old mining city with Chino – Portuguese architecture in the old town.
Chinese people started mining tin until the end of the 1980s.

One of the relicts from the mining era is the Boon Soong Iron Bridge, built in 1965 to cross the Takua Pa river as a short cut for the workers.

The bridge looks like made out of patchwork. That’s because it’s made out of an old river boat.
We crossed that bridge by motorbike, as many locals do as well and on the way to Talat Yai we met this beauty. A white buffalo (rare in Thailand) with some decoration. Seems like ready to go for party.

As I mentioned above, Talat Yai is an old city with interesting architecture.
We found this coffee shop in the old town.
Established in 1966 – the same year I was born – and still alive should mean that you get the real good stuff there.

And yes, we enjoyed our breakfast.

Out of Talat Yai, the Hwy 4032 and later 4090 is stunning to ride. Great road conditions and awesome scenery.

Passing by Krabi was a pain in the butt again. First very very hot and second road construction again – dusty and traffic jam. Really not funny.

So we were happy when we arrived at the Long Beach, Krabi for take a rest and find some accommodation on Kho Lanta. Not easy in high season.
We learned something new. When Sang called a resort, they asked her not only one time if she travels with a foreigner.
The reason why they do this – if she travels with a foreigner, they will charge up to 100% more for the room than they charge for Thai people.

Finally we found a place to stay on
The “I Talay Resort” close to Lanta old town.

Not cheap but with a great view and when the tide is high you stay like in the sea.

Lanta Old Town, Kho Lanta, Krabi, Thailand

Unfortunately Calimoto decided this time not to track all of the trip.
So, the detailed tour is just until south of Krabi.

Broken Calimoto trip.

Ride safe guy’s and enjoy yourself!!


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