Cologne to Gibraltar – day 10

Sant Feliu de Guixols (E) to Puigcerda (E). Or Mare to Monte.

The Pyrenees and especially Andorra where not forgotten and after checking the weather forecast it was time to go back to the mountains.

216 km a great mix of fast and twisty and the best – no rain while riding.

As the most “famous” and most booked hotel in Puigcerda was not available, AirBnB was the platform to find an accommodation.
This was not such easy as I had some basic requirements like roof covered parking or garage for the motorbike.
Not sure what happened, I booked the room in the morning but AirBnB showed the booking for the host at 1 pm.
As the result, the host went for a family meeting and arrived back at 5.30 pm. This meant for me, wait a couple of hours.
McDonalds in France for having some junk food lunch, a gas station and a bus stop close to the room I booked for rain cover. Nice first impressions of Puigcerda :-).

Puigcerda is focused on motorbike riders, in the gas stations you get everything. Oil, some basic spare parts and fuel for sure. So time to “maintain” the bike while waiting and get ready for the next trip.

Btw, the AirBnB was worth waiting for. Cute and modern room, great breakfast and friendly hosts.

Here is the trip on Calimoto

Ride safe guy’s and enjoy yourself!

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