Cologne to Gibraltar – day 11

What the fuck…rain again!!!! The weather forecast is totally clueless!!!!
My first thoughts when looking outside in the morning.

So, go for breakfast first, made with local products and very delicious. Looking at the rain radar, it seems like it will be wet from above all day long.
Nevertheless I had the feeling that I should move my butt on the motorbike and do for what I came here. So let’s go for the ride and not complain about something I can’t change!!

The first 40 to 50 km through the mountains were absolutely awful. Heavy rain and cold.
Crossing the mountains, less and less rain and in the end, the streets were dry….
Yippee yeahhhhh…..

Having a look at the water level in the reservoir, the rain is absolutely important for the nature. But for sure not funny for motorbike riders….lol.

This day turned out to be a great ride – especially the N 260 from Ripoll to Puigcerda is
awesome to ride with some great views. It was definitely worth to go. And a hot shower back in the room can fix everything.

Here is the trip in Calimoto

Ride safe guy’s and enjoy yourself!

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