Cologne to Gibraltar – day 17 & 18

Horrayyyyyy rain again all day long!!! So I took the chance for a relaxing break. What was not too bad. Posting, eating, sleeping and go for a walk. Lucky that can wear the motorbike clothes for keep me dry.

It was a good decision to take a break. No rain the next day and and with 22 degrees the perfect temperature for riding.

278 km from Gaines to Santiago de la Espada. Andalusia welcomed me.

The trip started twisty, turned into straight roads passing by industrial areas , olive tree farms and vine yards and later – small roads in spectacular landscapes.
Even it was not hot, looking at the landscape you can feel the heat of the summer.
Dry, barren und millions of stones in the farms. I sometimes wondered that’s something can grow.

Absolut phantastic was the ride from Yeste to Santiago de la Espada. This area is part of the Sierra de Segura with spectacular landscape. The ride was on very small roads. So enough time to marvel.

The host for this night was in the Hotel San Francisco. 2 star hotel, 25 EUR per night incl. parking in the garage (what was formerly a discotheque. Delicious food and very very friendly people there.

All in all a perfect riding day without rain!

Here the trip on Calimoto

Ride save guy’s and enjoy yourself!

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