Cologne to Gibraltar – day 20

Baza (E) to Berja (E)

252 km awesome ride in the mountains. Andalusia rules!!!

The day was not only an up and down in the roads. But as well with the temperatures. Started in the morning at 17 degrees, up in the mountains 8 degrees, then 30 degrees in the valleys.

Calimoto tried to navigate again into villages even there is a bypass.
I talked to the support, they said this is a problem of the map (OpenStreetMap). When there is a bypass limited to 70 km/h and no speed limit in the village then Calimoto algorithm thinks that routing into the village is the better choice.
For me, the bypass is always the better option. Riding in villages is not funny for the rider and for the local people as well.

Here in Berja I will stay for 3 days. Chilling, wash clothes, refine the route and refresh the brain for the next kilometers in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada.

For this I rented a house. Ok, maybe a bit decadent but I really enjoy the pool, the space and the calm.

Here is the trip in detail: Calimoto

Ride safe guy’s and enjoy yourself.

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  1. Sangjaa

    Oh wow ,it’s absolutely perfect landscape and great photos 👍📸🥰😍👏

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