Cologne to Gibraltar – day 27

The last night I spend in an interesting accommodation . More an event location with some attached rooms than a hotel. But it was the only one available in this area (Arenas). They had some food packed in plastic in the fridge and a “users manual” how to get breakfast. Wait for some bread it said. If you want something special, call the reception. Well, the bread never arrived so I did some 3in1 coffee and some Nesvita by myself.
Lucky that I carry this stuff with me.

Everyone riding a motorbike had the experience already, when you meet “idiots” and people who care nothing on the road.
I met a lot of them today. No indicator when turning (happened several times), overtaking in an un paved construction – thanks for the dust. (No, I not go too slow). Stopping on steep hills without any reason. Yeah, cool as well.
And the most professional was the bus driver stopped in a narrow bridge, can’t pass the oncoming bus but not moved backwards. Later they told me that the blue bus was broken – in the end and after discussing with many people the driver of the white bus moved backwards so at least cars and me could pass.

Enough ranting, lets talk about the ride.

224 km from Arenas to Ronda. Took me over 5 hrs – some mountain roads where really small. But with great scenery. Check out the Sierra de las Nieves. Awesome!!!

It was a fantastic riding day – I feel more and more in love with Spain!!

Here are the trip details on Calimoto.

Ride safe guy’s and enjoy yourself!

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