Cologne to Gibraltar – day 3

Anjeux (F) to Pontarlier (F)

Skipped the dinner the evening before as there were only burgers available. I am too fat already, so no need to add more calories – lol.

Lucky me, that the breakfast in the B&B where I stayed was really yummy. Including some great chat with the Swiss owners. Really appreciate that.

Lot of things to talk about, we all forgot the time and started the day later as planned. But who cares – that’s life.
The positive part of starting late – no rain and 16 degrees. Perfect riding conditions.

And the roads on the way to the south – awesome. D 14, D 39, D331 really great to ride. Check out the Calimoto link below it’s worth it.

Shortly before I arrived in the Pontarlier area, some sort of cold wind started. The temperature dropped drastically so I decided to stay over night.
What was not such easy – there are accommodations in Pontarlier but they where mostly fully booked, too expensive or simply closed.

In the end I checked in in a “mainstream” business hotel somewhere in the industrial area. Normally not my favorite choice but for one night it was ok. The room was clean, the shower hot and 3 or 4 restaurants nearby. So all good.

In summary a great 200 km ride on small roads passing by cute villages and great nature.

The tour details are here: Calimoto


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