Cologne to Gibraltar – day 4

Pontarlier (F) to Saint Ondras (F)

Started in the morning after a good breakfast with, guess what??? Yes, you are right – with rain and fog in the mountains.
Getting used to it so who cares.

Lonesome and good roads in the Haute Jura and today was the the first day I met some other bikers.
Seems like in summer the Haute Jura is some sort of “famous”?!

What I can totally understand, it’s awesome here. The cold and rainy weather has one positive side effect – almost no people are traveling.

And I arrived in Saint Claude. Just 30 Kim away from Genf, CH Saint Claude was formally the world capital of wooden smoking pipes.
More strange to me was the architecture – seems like in the 1970s they had a major construction boom???

Rain streets again and exploring a city in the rain is not my favorite, I decided to continue and visit the other highlight of the day, Lac du Bourget. No, not the lake itself but a great viewpoint up on the hill.

An awesome view. In this case I love the dramatic clouds and the sky. Fit’s for me better than plain blue sky.

Going down to the lake, the temperature went up to 16 degrees. Started getting sweaty – not used to that comfort anymore??
From Le Bourget du Lac up the mountains again on the D 42 was an awesome ride back to “normal”. 6 degrees and fog – I felt home again.

After 5 hrs riding it was enough for today, time to find a place to stay. The plan was to take a rest for one day ano edit photos and post something. Oh…great room, friendly owner and a memorable breakfast. Usually pilgrims from Genevern to I forget stay there.

One of the reasons why I like France. The people here understand something about food and enjoy eating.

Here is the detailed tour: Calimoto


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