North of Thailand day 26

Lom Sak to Khon Kaen

Although the clutch plates have been changed in Chiang Mai, there is still a problem. On steep mountain climbs the clutch slips from time to time.

What I found out when searching the internet is that this is an issue, Royal Enfield Himalayans have from time to time. Not normal but can happen.

In Europe it’s easy to buy a clutch plate upgrade with 8 friction plates instead of the original 6 friction plates. The set also includes stronger clutch springs.

In Thailand it is not such simple to get those parts easy and fast.

To fix the problem is one of the reasons why I visit again my Royal Enfield workshop of trust in Khon Kaen.

The visit in Khon Kaen was a short visit. In that workshop there is an experienced mechanic. He adjusted the clutch and now it is working smooth.

This bus tour sadly went wrong. Seen on Hwy 12 in the mountains.
So please take care when you travel. No matter where and no matter if on 2 or 4 wheels.

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