North of Thailand day 10

Tak – out of the mountains and back to “civilization”

After my off-road trip on the day before and a very very quiet night in the classroom

a night in the classroom

somewhere in the mountains of Tak, Thailand it was still 25 km off-road to arrive back in the so called civilization with internet, 7/11, paved roads and coffee shops.

As the way back was a bit tricky to find, the husband of the local teacher was so kind and helpfull and guided me back.
He did not ask, but I let him ride the Himalayan and he really enjoyed the motorbike.

For the 25 km we needed almost 2 hours. Imagine, the guide needed to go back again the 25km to his village. So another 2 hours of riding for him.

On the way down, we met some guy’s with front brake problems. My tools helped to remove the brakes totally. So they needed to continue without frontbrakes. For me, unbelievable.

The ride on this day ended fast for me – clean the motorbike, find a resort, clean myself, wash the clothes and take a rest.

out of the moutains

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