North of Thailand day 9

Tak, Phop Phra, Mae Sot to somewhere in the mountains

The day started early and quite romantic with some morning fog

Relaxed ride on small roads along the Myanmar border and later on the Hwy 105 direction Mae Hon Son.

In Mae Song, when you turn right on Hwy 1267 you get some nice twists and great views.

The plan was to turn left in some village, ride a loop back to the Hwy 105 and continue to the North.
This left turn I missed somehow and in the end I arrived in the mountains.
Unpaved roads, slippery and muddy, up – and downhills with paths washed away by the rain.
All in all very demanding and exhausting. And in some parts way over my off-road riding skills.

On the positive side, met some very nice and helpful locals and a group of monks travelling in the middle of no where.
During this ride, the bike fall I think around 10 times. Hard work to push it up again.

As it is always, time goes fast and I saw myself stay overnight somewhere in a small farming hut together with millions of mosquitos.

Lucky, really lucky that a group of locals passed by. They guided me to the next small “village” and offered me to stay in the local school.

In Thailand, every school has an internet connection. No electricity in this village, they use solar cells and a battery for everything, also for the internet.
While drinking some beers together and talking using a translator, the battery of the electric systen was gone after 2 hrs. So time to go to bed.

Summary: The day started relaxed and got really hard core with the off-road ride in the mountains. I promised myself that I never ever will do those unprepeared actions anymore.

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  1. Sang

    Very very good experience and I love it to read your sharing story

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