North of Thailand day 11

Tak, Mae Hong Son, Mae Sariang, Khun Yuam

The day started with a refusal to work!
The motorbike was loaded and ready, the rider was dressed and ready but the navigation app Calimoto decided not to start the trip planned the night before.

So, in this post, no Calimoto link. Sorry for that and a bit frustrating for me as well.

Going north was the plan – first on Hwy 105 and in Mae Sariang change to the Hwy 108 direction Mae Hon Son and ride to Khun Yuam with a trip to the mountains.
To say it in advance, the trip to the mountains was useless. Once up there, the road to the view points turned into an off-road ride again. I honeslty didn’t want to do that.

So in the end I went back to the main highway and really enjoyed the ride on the 108 up north.

Khun Yuam is a small town along the highway with a Thai – Japanese memorial and some nice old wooden houses. Many accomodation options for every budget are available. The one I choose was in the city with wooden paper walls. A bit loud for my taste.

Conclusion: Great riding day on the main highways with a redundant route into the mountains.


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