North of Thailand day 12

Mae Hong Son, Chiang Mai, Khun Yuam, Mae Sariang

The trip today is officially not part of the Mae Hong Son loop but according to the map should be very nice as well with a lot of twists.

Started 8am after a good breakfast, the morning fog gone already.
The highest mountain pass on this trip is 1.527 m high.
Very relaxed riding on great roads, nice scenery, not much traffic and the air was fresh and cool.

In a small village happened what is the nightmare of every motorbike rider.
A Thai guy in an almost wrecked car tried to overtake a truck on a narrow bridge. He didn’t have a look and completely ignored me.
Lucky for both of us that I was able to avoid a frontal crash – so only the side box got hit by the car and I managed to stay on the motorbike.

damaged box

In Thailand when you have an accident like this, it is common that the one who causes the accident pay money to you for compensation.
I told the guy, I would like to have 5.000 THB for the damaged box.
After some discussions and the threatening to call the police he finally paid the full amount.

Seemed like that day was the day of accidents and technical issues on the Himalayan.

Out of the mountains, back on the Hwy 108 to Mae Sariang I recognized that the clutch started to slip.
Looked like my off-road trips the days before killed the clutch plate.

The 80km to Mae Sariang I rode like on raw eggs.

After finding a resort there (what was surprisingly not easy) I tried to contact Royal Enfield Chiang Mai. They had no pick up service available.
My wife mamaged to find a transport from Mae Sariang to Chiang Mai for the next day to get the motorbike fixed there. Thank you a lot teerak – I appreciate your help and support. Always.

tour overview

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