North of Thailand day 13

Mae Sariang, Chiang Mai

Unfortunatelly the clutch plate did not survive the off-road trips in the Tak mountains.
Probably my fault because of weak off-road riding.

To find a transport company was not such easy. Everyone said, through the mountains on Hwy 108 it’s not fun to go, so they rejected.
After various requests, a driver agreed to transport the Himalayan to Chang Mai.

3.500 THB for just 180km sounds very expensive at first appearance.
But this 180km took us 5 hrs in the car. Roads are really twisty with a lot of steep climbs.
And a lot of traffic, mostly slow trucks and motorbikes.

We started at 9.45am and arrived at the Royal Enfield garage almost at 3pm. Long, very long day.
At Royal Enfield, they promised to start working on the motorbike on Saturday the 3rd of December.

15.000 km service, change the clutch plate and some other small things to fix.

The Himalayan in the pickup. Without the boxes it worked very well

transport a goat by motorbike

arrived at the Royal Enfield garage in Chiang Mai

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