North of Thailand day 14 & 15

Chiang Mai

When I arrived first time to Chiang Mai beginning of 2006, the city was more like a bigger town.
Not much traffic, almost no traffic lights, not many tourists – a very cozy town.
The second time I visited Chiang Mai was in 2016. Things changed a lot in the 10 years.

Now a days, Chiang Mai is almost like Bangkok.
Traffic jam everywhere and all day long. In the old city thousands of coffee shops, restaurants and tousist shops.
And a lot of tourists everywhere.

The positive side effect is, that you can buy everything. Almost. But compared to other cities everything here is more expensive.

So, what to do in the 2 days while waiting for the Himalayan getting fixed and serviced?

Walk around in the old city and visit some highlighted tourist spots. Normally not my style but what the hell, let’s follow the mainstream.
Another thing to do is, visit the zoo and have a look the Panda bear.
This was on the plan for the second day.

When you visit the zoo, go early in the morning. The zoo opens at 8am and this is the time you should arrive.
First, not many people there and second, it’s not hot. Especially when you explore the zoo by walking like I did.
If you have a Thai driving license or a work permit, then lucky you.They charge you the fee for Thai people.What is way more cheap than for foreigners.
In the zoo, when you think about visiting the aquarium – don’t do that. It’s – at the moment – not worth the extra entrance fee.

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