North of Thailand day 19

Loop in the mountains close to Fang

The plan for this day was, ride a 65 km loop in the mountains and then continue the trip.
This was in theory a good plan.
In practice, this was a very optimistic plan and in the end I arrived back to the same resort in Fang.

But one after another.

Started in the morning in the fog, no problem I was thinking as I go to mountains so should be higher than the fog at one point.
But no… all the way up to Doi Pha Hom Pok, what is 1.924 m high I stuck in the coulds.
Up there youo find the highest camp ground of Thailand.

As it got a bit brighter, I thought by myself it is maybe a good idea to wait until the clouds gone.
So I sit there, and wait…and sit longer and wait longer but nothing happened. Still see nothing.
As it was pretty cold up there, after almost 1,5 hrs I gave up and continued the trip.

So 4 km steep downhill back to the junction to continue the loop on the 3037 rural road.
This road through the wood was in bad condition and very very dirty. If you ride there, take care. In the curves you find a lot of dirt and sand.

Close to the Doi Pha Hom Pok National Park you can turn left and you will arrive in a camp ground founded by the Royal family of Thailand. Very nice there, very clean and I guess a great scenery.
Guess what, fog again – so see almost nothing.

on the way to Doi Pha Hom Pok

coffee there 10 THB and the cupcakes I brought – time for breakfast

The road on the way down was way better, so after a pleasant ride I arrived back on the Hwy 1089.
As it was after lunch already and out of the mountains very hot, I decided not to continue and stay one more night in Fang in the same resort. The owner there funny a lot when I arrived back.

even after lunch still clouds in the mountains

Never underestimate the mountain roads in Thailand and never be to optimistic about the weather. In general, this was a great experience and a great ride.


Find the details of the trip in the links below.


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