North of Thailand day 25

Nam Pat, Uttaradit to Lomsak, Phitsanulok

Imagine you dream in the night about twists and curves and a smooth ride on great roads!!

Today was one of the days where the dream come true.

Out of the resort and 4 km later the fun started on Uttaradit Hwy 1239.

Three cons on this tour today:
1. The highest mountain in the area, the Phu Soi Dao, was in clouds. So absolutely no photo.Not even a bad one.

2. Close to the Dan Sai viewpoint, Loei there is a “famous” 180 degree curve. In the past it was possible to park there and take a photo of the mountains including the curve. Today when I passed by there, absolutely no chance to park a motorbike safely. What I hear is, that there have been too many bikers and a too high risk of accidents. So everything is closed and barricaded.

3. Today was really really cold in the mountains. Cold means that even a foreigner used to cooler temperatures like me feel cold. Even with the right riding gear incl. windstopper.

And – Calimoto not saved the tour details. I have no idea what happened. An Email is send to the support, let’s see if they can help.

Here the road list:

Uttaradit Hwy 1239 and 1268
Phitsanulok Hwy 1268
Loei Hwy 1268, 2113 and 21
Phetchabun Hwy 21 to Lomsak


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  1. Sangjaa

    It’s not fun when cold….🥰😍but anyway today is nice route

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