North of Thailand day 7 & 8

Umphang, Mae Sot, Phop Phra

Umphang is a little town in the mountains of the Tak province in Thailand.
There is one road leading to this town – the Hwy 1090 from Mae Sot.
From Mae Sot to Umphang it takes you around 3 hrs driving by car and a bit less by motorbike.

In Umphang, there is nature, waterfalls, mountains. That’s why tourists travel to there, mostly by a hired van.
In Umphang you do not have a supermarket like Big C, there is no cinema, no fitness studio, no pub, bar or discotheque, no professional western food restaurant, no mobile shop.
Imagine when you where teenage or young adult – for most of us the “civilisation” was just a couple of minutes away.
Nevertheless, the local people in Umphang are friendly and open minded.


On my way back out of the mountains back to Mae Sot I had almost 3 hrs rain and a road construction with 50 cm deep mud.
After 170 km riding in the rain, I was done for this day. Wet, dirty, tired and cold.
Finding a resort, get a warm shower, clean the motorbike and dry the clothes was first priority.

This brought me to Phop Phra – a small city close to the Myanmar border.
Today clothes are dry, the motorbike is clean and the Huai Nang Kruang waterfalls are pretty nice to visit.

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