PL – Gdańsk to Kętrzyn

In the woods of Masuria, Poland BMWR1150 RT

06.06.24 – Day 13 solo trip to Estonia on a BMW R1150 RT

The breakfast at the Jess Hotel where I stayed was incredible delicious.

The stomach full and motorbike packed up, I started at 08.30 am with sunshine and relatively warm temperatures.

Out of Danzig (Gdansk) I took the highway just for not stuck in the morning rush hour.
This highway (A7) was perfect. Great tarmac and relaxed traffic.

I did a little mistake to leave the highway too early – so I had to pass by the city center of Elbląg. What was not really fun.
Outside of Elbląg, riding on the smaller roads was way more fun. A lot of wood and avenues.

I made my way to Olsztyn (Allenstein) – the grand parents of a friend lived there so I got the “order” to take some photos.
Interesting that Olsztyn, for a number of years, has been ranked very highly in quality. of life, income, employment and safety. It is one of the best places in Poland to live and work. It is also one of the happiest cities in the country.

In my opinion, the city is not nice. But ok, different people, different thinking.

To get to the center town, I needed to navigate through a lot of one way roads – and in the end I not wanted to leave the fully packed motorbike alone for too long.

From Olsztyn I went south to visit a lake. Maybe getting some good views?!

It turned out that the shores of the lakes are mostly “covered” by wood or private property.
Had Some adventure there on small roads in the wood – and a lot of fresh air when I took an orientation break.

Finally I found a lake with a view – not too bad I would say.

Passed by a monastery or whatever this is. That was a touristic spot with a lot of tours visiting that place. I just stopped for the photo as I already thought about how long to go and where to stay.

In Kętrzyn (Rastenburg) I found a suitable Hotel – the Hotel Koch what I can recommend with a good value for the money.

The town is known for the surrounding Masurian Lakeland and numerous monuments of historical value such as the Wolf’s Lair in nearby Gierłoż, which was Adolf Hitler’s primary headquarters in Eastern Europe over the course of Nazi Germany’s military campaign on the Eastern Front during World War II.

After riding for over 300 km and the check in, it was time for a walk and check out the city.

All in all a great day – from major highways to the wood of Masuria and finally arrived in a cute city..

Find the details of the trip in this link here.

Stay tuned and enjoy yourself!


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