PL – Leba to Danzig (Gdańsk)

Polnish police and BMW1150 RT

05.06.24 – Day 12 solo trip to Estonia on a BMW R1150 RT

Just 145 km to go today…so I started relaxed after finishing my food for breakfast (My mom teaches me not to through away food).

As I had a trip along the coast the day before I wanted to see something new and choose a different route away from the coast.

In the middle of no where in a small village, I met 2 friendly people in uniform and a blue light on the car.
One spoke German, the other English and they wanted to check the papers. We had a friendly conversation and as everything was great, they wished me a pleasant trip.

On the map I found a POI – something like a small palace and curious as I am I visited this POI. Surprise surprise. I believe in the past it was great! And probably will be again in the future. By investing a lot of money!

Close to a city named Puck, I passed some – for me – interesting stuff.

The ride to Danzig was mostly on the highway – as soon as I found a hotel and put the location in Google Maps.
What we learn? Google Maps is not really designed for finding great motorcycle roads!

As the history of Danzig / Gdańsk is very complex, please read by yourself in the Wikipedia article.

In Danzig I booked one night in the Jess Hotel Krolewski. Located on an island in the old town of Danzig, this hotel offers a good value for the money.

After check in, I explored the old town by walking around. The city is awesome but millions of tourists. What is really fun for me.

After the walk around I was really dead and it started to rain, so back to the hotel and relax.

All in all an interesting day!!!
For sure you can visit and explore way more in and around Danzig / Gdańsk than what I did.

Find the details of the trip in the link here.

Stay tuned guy’s and enjoy yourself!!!


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  1. Sangjaa

    It’s awesome city 👍👍👍😍

    1. Dusty Socks

      One of the most beautiful cities in Europe with a rich and interesting history

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