PL – Leba to Hel and back

Beach at the Hel peninsula, Poland

04.06.24 – Day 11 solo trip to Estonia on a BMW R1150 RT

03.06.24 – Day 10 was a lazy day due to storm and bad weather almost all day long. In the morning I rode to the supermarket for get food and visited the beach of Leba.

I sleep a lot, worked on the journal and I eat. Having something in the fridge is dangerous!!
In the evening the sun came out so I had the chance to go for a walk.


The photo above shows the street where I stay, very quiet. At least out of the holiday season and the weekend. As there are many apartments for rent, I guess that in summer it’s way more crowded here.

My walk brought me to the shore of the Łebsko Lake with some nice views.

And an abandoned house. Even that in Poland they build and renovate a lot, in almost every village and town you see abandoned buildings.

Abandoned house , Poland

Let’s continue with the next riding day – day 12

When I opened my eyes today in the morning and saw the blue sky, I knew immediately that today I gonna go for a ride. Todays trip should be along the Baltic coast of Poland to a peninsula – the town in the far end is called Hel.

After a self made simple breakfast and a chat with my wife who unfortunately not stays with me , I started the engine at 08.30 am. Pretty early but hey, the weather was fine.

People say that in Poland the roads are straight. This I found out the days before and I that’s was confirmed again today.

The ride was good and relaxed and after 70 km I arrived at the Hel peninsula. One road, one railway track, the Baltic Sea on both sides and on the broader parts villages and little towns.
The width of the peninsula varies from approximately 300 metres (980 ft) near Jurata to 100 metres (330 ft) in the most narrow part to over 3 kilometres (1.9 mi) at the tip. Since the peninsula was formed entirely of sand, it is frequently turned into an island by winter storms. Until the 17th century, the peninsula was a chain of islands that formed a strip of land only in the summer.

Wladyslawowo, the city at the entrance of the peninsula is very very touristy. Lot’s of surf and kite shops along the road and even a McDonalds is there.

Guess what was the road on the peninsula like? Yep, a good road and almost everywhere straight.
What is a bit weird, I not see so many prohibition signs and side road blocks at one place for long time.

In my opinion, 20 years ago the Hel peninsula was really nice and not crowded. Nowadays it’s very very touristy. The road is lined with surf shops, kite schools, campsites and hotels and Hel, the small town at the end of the peninsula is quite busy.

On the way back to the main land I found a nice beach in Chalupy.

There, it was really nice. Not crowded, fresh air, white sand, blue sky and a great view.

On the way back I did some side trips to arrive at the coast again. But, not really noticeable as everywhere very very touristy.


Conclusion: This part of the polish Baltic Sea is – for me – not as nice as everyone says.

In other words – it’s worth to visit it once in a lifetime but only once. For people who not care about mass tourism I beliefe it’s worth to visit it mire often.

Find the details of the trip in the link here.

Stay tuned guy’s and enjoy yourself!!


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