Sisaket (TH) to Singapore – Ep 11

Happy Buddha, Lanta Old Town, Krabi, Thailand

Thailand – Ko Lanta

The district, approximately 70 km from Krabi town, consists of three major islands. The first, Ko Klang, is separated from the mainland by a small river (klong) and road bridge, and is often mistakenly thought of as part of mainland Krabi province. Of the two remaining larger islands, the larger, more populated Kho Lanta Yai and the smaller Kho Lanta Noi, together with 50 other smaller islands make up the 52 island Mu Ko Lanta National Park. The largest island (Ko Lanta Yai) has nine beaches running down the entire west coast, forests, and tropical jungle. Ko Lanta Yai and Ko Lanta Noi are connected by the Siri Lanta Bridge opened in 2016.

We had our place to stay close to the Lanta Old Town on the west coast of Ko Lanta Yai.

The Lanta Community Museum is worth a visit to learn more about the 3 ethnics (Chinese, Muslim, Sea Gipsy) living peacefully together on the island.

We did a 120 km “exploring Lanta” ride. Quite easy to go. You only should be aware of lots of tourists riding for the first time in Thailand and know almost nothing. Sometimes a bit chaotic.

Ko Lanta feels a bit like you are on the main land and not on an island as you almost never see any water or beach.

Passing the Siri Lanta Bridge offered us a great view. On the right side, Kho Lanta Noi, on the left Kho Lanta Yai.

The streets on Kho Lanta Noi are in great conditions. Way better than on Lanta Yai.

First we explored the east coast. There is an ancient old house, built in 1953. This house was built by Chinese immigrants and was the first concrete house in Lanta.
For me a mystical place, it has something special.

The graveyard close to the house is typical Chinese styled. A mountain in the back and water in front. Chinese love that.
No one stay in the house currently but it’s maintained.

View to Ko Lanta Yai with an abandoned pier, build in 1953.

Riding in Ko Lanta Noi offers you some stunning views. Time to take a break, smell the sea, breathe fresh air and enjoy the view.

Well and then you arrive in Ko Lanta Yai, the so called famous west coast.
There you find the half naked red lobster colored next skin cancer generation walking on the streets and riding rental scooters with no clue en masse.
There you get the dust, the music from restaurants and bars. You can have a look on foreigners drinking beer before lunch and behave in general like they would never do in their home country.
You get pizza, pasta, Greek food, party and a 7/11 on every corner.

Oh, and the roads are bad.
We met an England guy on the ferry to the island. He lives on Lanta Yai and he said the roads are the worst in Thailand. That was a slight exaggeration…but yes the roads are really poor the more south you ride.
We turned left onto one of the short cuts through the mountains to “our” side of the island. And we took a deep breath when we arrived back in the resort and could stay in peace with a great view.

Find the trip details in the Calimoto link.

Ride safe guy’s and enjoy yourself!


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