Stranded in Pombal, Portugal

Since the very first beginning the Triumph Tiger had some issues with the clutch.

First, the clutch slipped. When passing the dealer ( 140 km on the clock) where I bought the Tiger to certify and fix the problem, they told me that they can do this earliest in 1 or 2 days. Sorry I said, I have appointments and hotel bookings so I can’t wait.
Then the statement was, if I can’t ride anymore, just call the Triumph mobility guarantee.
*Cynicism mode ON* This dealer really takes care the customers *cynicism mode OFF*.

I called the dealer where I planned to do the first service and told them about the clutch problem. And that it might be better to replace the old clutch what turned out was the right decision.
2 of the 8 discs were dead. They did the first service and the clutch replacement.

Everything worked fine for a couple of thousands Kilometers on the way to Gibraltar. Somewhere in Spain the clutch started to have some issues again. This time, the clutch not slipped, it was the opposite – the discs not separated. So it was getting harder and harder to change the gears, especially when downshifting.

Dangerous side effect: Sometimes, in the first gear, the motorbike moved despite the clutch being pulled.
I called the dealer where the clutch was replaced and they send me some advices by email what probably could fix the problem ( by adjusting the clutch).
It did not worked out, I am not a mechanic. And honestly when you buy a brand new motorbike it should work from the beginning, in my opinion.

So I continued the trip, tried to adjust the clutch from time to time, and finally arrived in Gibraltar. While on the road, I did my best to deal with the fact that sometimes everything was smooth and sometimes not. A surprise everyday.

In the end, things kept getting worse, even the warning “check the engine” showed up…

…so I decided to drop by at the dealer for check and fix the problem. Lisbon I passed already, Triumph Centro in Pompal was the closest. Arriving on a Monday afternoon, the shop was closed. No worries, go there tomorrow I thought by myself.

Next day I arrived right when they opened (10 am). Very friendly welcome and when I talked about the problem they immediately mentioned that there is a problem with the hydraulic fluid of the clutch. This seems to be a known issue on some Triumph Tigers.
What matched what I read on Google.

As in workshop they not only changed the hydraulic fluid but also checked if the clutch plates are still ok or need to be replaced, a new gasket for close the engine cover again was needed.
No problem, the dealer said, this spare part will arrive in 2 to 3 days from UK.
All this happened on Tuesday and I returned to the hotel very relaxed.

On Thursday I called Triumph Centro for an update and they told me that the spare part delivery might take up to 10 days. I shocked because this is totally different to the first statement what was 3 days maximum delivery time !!!!!

On Thursday afternoon after getting the information that it might take up to 10 days for delivery, I called instantly to Triumph HQ and talked to a guy in the warranty department. He told me that they will take care this topic as soon as possible. What means as soon ans possible exactly? When I can get the gasket??? They will check was the answer and do their best.

On Friday (today) I called again in the morning to Triumph HQ and found out that this case escalated to Triumph Germany, Spain and Portugal. The solution they offered was, to send the gasket from Madrid within 24 hrs. Should arrive on Saturday if everything works smooth. Ok, sounds good and was for me acceptable if the motorbike can be finished on Saturday.

Meanwhile, I got a call from Triumph Germany. I gave an update and an overview about the topic and the suggestion was – in case of the gasket not arrive on Saturday – to install the old gasket and replace this emergency solution after arriving back home at a German Triumph dealer.

Sorry guy’s from Triumph Germany, this suggestion is the worst one.

First, this is a 45 days old motorbike and you suggest a non professional craft solution??
Second, I still need to go 5.000 km plus back home if I follow my plan. Is it sure that this makeshift will last the trip?
Third, in Germany the nearest Triumph dealer is 60 km one way from my home.
So, I need to make an appointment, need to ride there for 1 hour and more, depending on the traffic.
Wait for the motorbike to be fixed and then go home again for minimum one hour.
One day gone and for me, a not acceptable suggestion. Sounds more like a not so funny joke.
Especially that the mechanic told me that using the old gasket in the end is not working. Just imagine, something goes wrong in the middle of nowhere?!

Side note: The gasket from UK arrived today (Friday) after 3 days and Triumph Centro will finish the motorbike so that I can continue tomorrow (Saturday) morning. Let’s assume that everything is working smooth, this is a positive ending of the story.

What we learn out of this??? Make up your own mind!!!

Below some photos from Pompal…. I had a lot of time to explore the city. A very quiet town and not much to see. Except the Castle of Pompal, that has an interesting history.

Final note:
I would like to say thank you to the people at Triumph HQ for escalating this topic quickly.
Appreciate that a lot as I never expected such a quick action!!!
And I would like to say thank you to Triumph Germany for take care, calling me, listen to my frustration and at least present a solution, even it was – in my opinion – not a professional one.

You all make me having new experiences!!!

Ride safe guy’s and enjoy yourself!!!

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