Visiting Gibraltar – day 29

There are two really cool things when you visit Gibraltar.

First, you can easily walk from another country to the UK. No ferry, not swimming, just walk.
Second, right after the border is the airport of Gibraltar. On the way from the check point to the city, you need to cross the runway of an airport that is in operation. I never did this before. Nice new experience.

Gibraltar itself is interesting.
Some sort of a mix between Spanish and English lifestyle. Red telephone boxes like known from the UK. Bars and coffee shops like known from Spain.
Spanish and English are the most spoken languages. Even that there is a bunch of tourists on the road.
In Gibraltar you can use the bus but it seems that most people ride scooters. Not the 125cc like in Asia, most of them are 300cc and up.

I am sorry that I have to say this, for me Gibraltar is like a “rabbit hutch”.
Due to limited space, the buildings are high, my feeling was cramped.

And, there are a lot of restrictions, rules and prohibitions. Signs are posted everywhere. Like this one at the entrance of the Commonwealth Park.

There is a nice harbour and marina.

And for sure a lot of history.

As I said in the beginning, it was an interesting visit. But for me, once in a lifetime is enough.

Ride save guy’s and enjoy yourself.

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  1. Sangjaa

    This city is some sort of cool …

    1. Dusty Socks

      Hmmm. Some sort of cool yes. But for me too narrow.

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