Cologne to Gibraltar – day 12

1 trip covering 3 countries: Spain, Andorra, France and back to Spain.

When I was teenage our family tried to visit Andorra by car. Unfortunately we not made it, my younger brother didn’t manage the curvy roads in the mountains.

Until then, I never had the time and chance to visit Andorra. 2023 should be the year to add Andorra to the list of countries visited.

56 relaxed kilometers from Puigcerda to Andorra – then the stress started. Traffic jam at the border due to border controls. Ok, I forgot that Andorra is not EU member.

Passing the border, heavy traffic in Andorra la Vella. People rushing to get cheap fuel, cheap cigarettes and cheap alcohol. With the fuel I agreed and filled up as well!
Very easy to do this, gas stations on every corner.

Andorra la Vella is not my style, so pass through as fast as possible always direction north into the mountains.
And then Calimoto did not work anymore. I downloaded the offline maps, set the button for use the offline maps but for whatever reason, Calimoto first made a 190 km trip out of a 85 km trip and in the end decided to stop working at all.

Ok, then old school navigation. Following the feeling and the traffic signs to France.
Riding through dead villages with no people, closed hotels but opened gas stations, outlets and liquor shops. For me not nice and some kind of depressing.

Up in the mountains, as usual since almost 2 weeks, cold and wet and foggy. Nothing special!

It was good to visit Andorra but for me it is not worth to go. Not relaxed, too crowded and too hectic. I believe I will not come back – once in a lifetime is enough.

No trip details for this time – unfortunately.

Ride safe guy’s and enjoy yourself!

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