Cologne to Gibraltar – day 13,14,15

Day 13 – was one of the rare days with really nice weather. Sunny and warm. Sounds crazy but I was not in the mood to ride. Better go for a walk and relax in the sun. Started the Vitamin D production again.

Day 14 – time to leave the mountains and go south. Raining again, so ride on the fast track instead of going twisty in the mountains.What I recommend is the BV 4241 and C 462 to Solsona. Really nice to ride.
First my plan was to stay 2 nights in Montblanc or Reus and explore the mountain roads in this area. But heavy rain, so I passed by there on the AP 7, meaning the main highway.
Boring riding until Castellon de la Plana.
As, after 407 km the butt hurt and the brain was empty due to this boring main highway, I stopped there. Found a hotel with garage and enjoyed an evening without rain.

Here the trip on Calimoto

Day 15 – Rain all night long and rain in the morning so continue the trip on the main highway instead of the mountains. After 190 km boring riding again (I almost fall asleep on the motorbike) I arrived in Gaianes close to Alcoy. Surrounded by mountains it’s pretty nice here. Lucky me that the evening was warm and the beer cold so I had a nice chat with the owner of the B&B. Very relaxing and a touch of summer.

All in all almost 600 km mostly on main highways. Not exciting but what you can do if you not want to stuck in the rain??!!

Here the trip on Calimoto

Sorry guy’s but no photos these 2 day’s.

Ride safe guy’s and enjoy yourself!

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    Boring when it’s raining

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